Primal Gear™ provides users with high-quality tactical and functional equipment for everyday carry (EDC).

Functional designs and efficient technical solutions, as well as the materials used, make Primal Gear vests ready to meet any, even the most demanding tasks. Full MOLLE compatibility will allow you to adjust the equipment to your needs.

With multiplicity of practical pouch designs, you can easily organize your vest or belt equipment and carry all the necessary items. Our offer consists of traditional, material pouches and highly functional polymer models that make pulling out magazines easier especially in dynamic situations!

Made of durable polymer by Primal Gear. They are characterized by high ergonomics thanks to the use of modern forms that perfectly match the dedicated weapon models.

A wide range of tactical belts allows you to choose a model that will meet your utility requirements. They are characterized by modern design solutions and verified by many years of experience in use.

Comfortable backpacks and capacious bags are one of the Primal Gear’s main domains! Our offer includes both tactical backpacks and practical bags designed for Everyday Carry. All of them designed to accommodate your equipment essentials.

If you are looking for a perfect way to transport your gun you can count on Primal Gear brand! Functional bags with lots of pockets, compartments, other handy solutions and above all a high level of protection of your gun will allow for the convenient transport of the content.

The ASPEN 500D material was developed based on our experience and user experience to meet the requirements of modern tactical and outdoor equipment. The 500D grammage is the perfect compromise between weight, strength, and stiffness.

Along with the selection of material with an appropriate strength, we made every effort to ensure that the quality of the rest of the elements does not differ from the main fabric. That is why we used strong seams and top-quality accessories such as Velcro tapes, polymer buckles, strong zippers, or MOLLE tapes.

The durability standard is not the only one that should be met by modern gear. Reduced weight and appropriate stiffness take our products to a higher level of ergonomics. The comfort of carrying and the freedom to work with our products will make you appreciate the new ASPEN 500D material.

These ideal proportions will guarantee that the equipment made of ASPEN 500D will find its application not only in tactical conditions. You will appreciate its qualities both in bushcraft, outdoor, and in the city.
It’s a legend among camouflages and appreciated by the best forces for its universal masking qualities. Multicam camouflage developed by the American company Crye Precision is synonymous with modern camouflage. It revolutionized the technology of individual masking agents by offering highly adaptive camouflage.

The Multicam camouflage was mainly adapted by special units all over the world and became their inseparable symbol/trademark. Currently, it is used by armies from many countries, including The United States and Poland. Special units often use it.
The Cordura material is made of polyamide fibers coated with several layers of polyurethane. Thanks to the use of such modern fabrics, it was possible to significantly reduce the weight of the material while maintaining high strength.

Thanks to a special Cordura weave, it is characterized by exceptional resistance to all weather conditions. It does not lose its excellent strength parameters (tears and abrasions).

Primal Gear™

Primal Gear provides users with high-quality tactical and functional equipment for everyday carry (EDC). Primal Gear products are made of Aspen500 material, durable and resistant to even the toughest conditions. Prime-quality materials, well-thought accessories, the quality of craftsmanship, and attractive prices are the main strengths of our products. Primal Gear’s offer will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

What makes us
stand out?

We offer high-end quality and durability at affordable prices.

We are distinguished by the use of materials known from professional equipment and reinforced seams, subjected to strength tests. A rich and constantly expanded offer of equipment, available in a wide variety of colors, and soon also in original camouflages. A passionate approach to design that makes our products work well in the field and everyday life.


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